Established to produce and distribute in the US and Canada, Iskanchi Press is an independent publishing house focused on fiction, essays, poetry, folklore and folktales, children’s books, books on African heroes and history, as written by Africans.

We believe that representation demands availability, and by creating and controlling the means to produce our books, we not only show that we are and must be seen, we also ensure that we tell our own stories without erasure, censoring, and whitewashing to suit the sensibilities of the Other.

Iskanchi Literary Magazine

Inspired by “Iskanci,” the Hausa word for mischief, irreverence, and craziness, Iskanchi Mag will seek out and publish wayward literature by African writers. The idea is to showcase works that engage with and examine what the experimental form looks like in the African literary context. We are interested in pieces that disobey in form and content, in works that bother by being without borders.

Iskanchi Consultancy

Our  Consultancy  arm  offers editorial  support—  ghost-writing, editing,  content  provision,  and more — to clients  interested  in  projecting  genuine  African  perspectives.